We are Solitude Endeavor


Solitude Endeavor was created by its founding members, Jose & Michael, over a decade ago, and has been able to grow into a band that continually pushes its own limits.

Since its inception, Solitude Endeavor has evolved in terms of talent and style. All while striving for growth and success, the band has been able to create a unique sound that can be appreciated by casual and hardcore fans of musical styles such as Alternative, Progressive, Metal, Classic and Hard Rock.

Solitude Endeavor has performed in top venues In Houston and has had the privilege to record their full-length LP at Orb Studios, which is operated by Matt Noveskey of Blue October and also recorded singles at Up/Down Studios, which is operated by Justin Furstenfeld, the lead singer of Blue October.

Solitude Endeavor will continue to release ground-breaking music with no end in sight in hopes of reaching out to everyone and anyone who appreciates art and music, alike. 

Vocals / Michael Cantu
Lead Guitar / Jose Barboza
Second Guitar / Cesar Trevino

Bass / David Cantu
Drums / Daniel Ramos



Upcoming gigs

Come check out our tunes and hangout with us for a bit. See you there!


venue: Bohemeo’s

date: feb. 9th 2019

address: 708 Telephone Rd, Houston, TX 77023

Event start: 7PM

Price of admission: FREE!